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Student & Family Responsibilities

Students agree to arrive at each lesson punctually, well-prepared, and with their assignment books and music. Please ask questions.If something is happening at home or school that is affecting your child please let me know. Please err on the side of letting me know so I can be sensitive to the needs of your child. A quick text on the way to lesson can make the difference between a great lesson and a difficult one.

When students enroll, they are reserving their place in the studio for the entire year. Please ensure that you remain committed to your reserved day and time.

All students are encouraged to participate in studio recitals.

Missed Lessons

Preference is to maintain consistent instruction with your child to keep progress and motivation on track. Please note there are no make-up lessons unless cancelled by the teacher. Lessons missed because of extra-curricular activities, i.e.: athletic games, dance, vacations or birthday parties will not be made up.


Regular home practice is essential for student success. Ideally, students should aim for at least 5 days of practice each week. Short, daily practice sessions are more effective than one or two long sessions per week. It is not a good idea to wait until the end of the week, then “cram” practice right before a student’s next lesson!Parental involvement in home practice is important for student success. Please help your child establish and stick to a practice routine, and see that practice time is free of distractions.


Tuition is billed twice yearly:  1st Semester (Fall/Winter) and 2nd Semester (Spring).  Tuition must be paid in advance of the first lesson. Tuition covers not only the actual lesson time spent with the student, but time preparing for each student as well.This includes:

  • Lesson plan for each student’s course of study
  • Training and experience
  • Recital Preparation and repertoire planning
  • Professional organization memberships
  • Continuing education
  • Tuition is billed by the term: Fall (Sept.-Jan) / Spring (Feb.-June)
  • Summer term is billed by the lesson.


Materials & Recital Fee

Each student pays a Materials fee each semester. This covers music and materials used during the entire course of the semester.

This includes:

  • Sheet Music and Books
  • Theory Materials
  • Printing costs
  • Church rentals

Registration Fee

Each student pays a yearly registration fee. This pays for the cost of running the music studio as well as the time spent doing things in addition to actual teaching:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Scheduling
  • Time spent on Email, texts and phone calls


In consideration of the teacher and other students, please do not send your child to lessons if they have a flu, cold or any type of virus.